Ian Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - This report states that the ‘distribution of the European Parliament’s seats must follow the general provisions of Article 14 of the Treaty on European Union’ and makes some useful suggestions as to how the allocation of seats might be improved in future. I represent Scotland, where a majority voted to remain in the EU, and I regret that much of this report is based upon the likelihood that the UK will leave, thereby making 73 seats available for redistribution. Considering the proposals on their merits, I support in principle the Committee’s suggested redistribution of seats, which will correct some of the current distortions and improve on the degressive proportionality principle. I also support the idea of reserving the remaining seats for potential future enlargements of the EU. Indeed I very much hope that Scotland will choose to become a normal independent nation again, and perhaps make use of such an arrangement when we return as a fully-fledged EU Member State. I am totally opposed to the notion of using some EP seats to create a transnational list, and I will vote in favour of the various amendments which seek to delete that principle from the report.

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