The Scottish National Party group in the European Parliament has today (Tuesday) offered congratulations to Jean Claude Juncker on his appointment as President of the European Commission.

The SNP's MEPs voted in favour of Mr Juncker's appointment following a series of hearings in the European Parliament. During the hearings Mr Juncker expressed a determination to work across political divides and to respect national competences. Mr Juncker also vowed to respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland following September's independence referendum.

In a joint statement after the vote, MEPs Ian Hudghton and Alyn Smith stated;

"The EU functions on the basis of negotiation and compromise. Jean Claude Juncker has promised to work within that tradition and has won the support of a clear majority of MEPs from across the political spectrum.

"It is disappointing that the Westminster parties were unable to work within the European mainstream. Both Labour and the Tories are increasingly dancing to a UKIP tune and the UK is moving dangerously towards an EU exit.

"Polls consistently show that most Scots want to stay as part of Europe. Only a vote for independence in September can guarantee that we remain in the mainstream."

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